How to Set up the New Tenda Router

Compared with the old version of Tenda router, the new version uses a new system. Some novices do not know how to start after they get the new version of the router, so how to set up the new router? Let's take Tenda AC7 dual-band wireless router as an example to show you how to set up a new Tenda router.Nowadays, many router settings are more intelligent and simpler than the old routers. At present, Tenda's new wireless router adopts a new firmware system, which is quite different from the old version of Tenda router in setup. Next, I take Xintengda AC7 dual-band wireless router as an example to teach you how to set up the new Tenda router. Hope to help you all!

Router installation

The installation of the router is very simple. It only needs to turn on the Tenda AC7 router and make the router work properly. Then connect the router to the cat and the computer using the network cable.

Tenda AC7 Wireless Router Setup Course

Traditionally, we all connect routers to computers through network wires, and then complete the initial setup of wireless routers on computers. First, we introduce the method of setting Tenda AC7 routers on computers.
  1. First, enter the Tenda Router Administrator's login address in the computer browser, (or tendawifi.com) opens, and click on"Experience Now"below.
  2. Then Tenda AC7 router will automatically detect the broadband connection mode, wait a few seconds, according to the test results set parameters, the general home broadband is dial-up Internet access, which is shown below in the setup interface, as long as you fill in the broadband account, broadband password, click"next step"after completion.
  3. After completing the broadband account password filling, the next step is to set up WiFi. The operation is simple. You can create WiFi name, WiFi password and login password according to your own preferences.
Tip: WiFi name and password can be set according to your own preferences, but in order to prevent Lao Wang rubbing the Internet next door, it is suggested that WiFi password should not be too simple. In addition, if you don't remember too many passwords, you can also check to set the wireless password as the router administrator password at the same time. If you want to set up the administrator login router surface separately, then you don't need to check it. The next step is to set up the administrator login router surface separately.The last straight point, the next step, you can complete the router settings. Finally, you can open the web page to see if you can surf the Internet properly.It is worth mentioning that in the new version of Tenda wireless router, the use of computer settings is relatively complex, because direct use of mobile phones or APP can more easily complete the router settings, without the trouble of connecting computers.

Setting up Tenda AC7 Wireless Router on Mobile Phone

Nowadays, every family does not necessarily have a computer, but it is certain that every family has a mobile phone. The use of mobile phones to set up a new version of Tenda router is simpler. Here is a brief introduction of the following methods and steps.
  1. Firstly, install the Tenda AC7 router, plug in the power supply, and connect the router to the modem (no need to connect the computer)
  2. Connect Tenda AC7 initial WiFi with your mobile phone, and then call Tenda Router Administrator's login address (or tendawifi.com) on your mobile phone.
  3. After opening, follow the prompt, set the broadband account and password, and then continue to set WiFi.
Setting up a router on a mobile phone makes it easier to take a few steps.