How to set up router connection and disconnection time?

In order to form a good habit of work and rest, you can set the time of networking and disconnection for the router at home, and then the network will be disconnected naturally. So how to set it up? Next, take TP-Link router as an example to introduce the following specific setup steps, hoping to help you all.Many friends have very poor self-control ability. They often surf the Internet all night, which affects their work the next day. In fact, the router at home can set the time for them to surf the Internet and disconnect the internet, so as to limit the Internet access and form a good habit of working and sleeping. Let's take the TP-Link router as an example.

Setup method

  1. We first connect the router's network with a computer, and then search the login interface of the TP router on the web page.
  2. We need the login administrator password, which was set when the original password, if you forget to follow the instructions below, the router can be restored to factory.
  3. After entering the router page, the left side is the network status, drop down the progress bar on the right, see the following is an orange device management, click Open
  4. Select the network you want to set, click Management, and then add the allowable time period at the bottom of the time setting.
  5. Then we enter the settings of the time period, we can name the name of the time period, and then select the start and end time. Another is to choose the day of the week.
  6. After you have selected all of them, press OK, then you will see that there will be a limited network time period under the network you set up. The router automatically opens and closes at this time.