router settings

This article introduces the installation and setup method of router, is the IP address of the Tengda portable wireless router, the common types of A8 of Tengda, A31, W151M, G6, A5+, A5S etc. In this article, take the most used A6 portable wireless router in Tengda as an example to introduce the method of setting up routers.Friendship tip: please prepare a laptop for configuration, or a desktop computer with a USB wireless network card.

Step one: configure the computer IP

We take the Windows XP system as an example, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users refer to the article: How to set up the dynamic IP address of the computer.1. Right click"online neighbor"- > click 'attribute'.2. Right click on"wireless network connection"- > select"property"(Note: wireless network connection, not local connection).3. Double click on"Internet protocol (TCP/IP)".4. Select"automatically get IP address","automatically get DNS server address"- >"confirm".

Step two: wirelessly connect to the router

1. Right click on"wireless network connection"- > select"view the available wireless connection".2. Select a wireless network named Tenda_XXXXXX (X is the back of the MAC address on the back of A6) - > click"connection".

Step three: configure the router

1. login settings interface: open the browser on the computer, enter in browser, press enter key (Enter key) - > click"jump to home page"in the jump page. (if can't open, read the article: can not open.)2. click the"Setup Wizard"to enter the Internet mode selection. The new version of the Tengda A6 mini wireless router provides the 3 types of Internet access:"Hotel mode","home mode"and"wireless signal amplification mode". Users choose according to their Internet environment.Hotel mode: usually when users move to hotels or hotels, there is a network cable that can be surfed online. When routers connect to this network cable, they choose"Hotel mode".(1) select the"Hotel mode"- > click"next step".(2) configure wireless network: set up the name of wireless signal, pay attention not to use Chinese > security mode choose: WPA-PSK > set password > click next.(3) click"next step".(4) click"finish".