change password

It is simple to modify the password of In this article, I'll give you a detailed description of the steps to log in, and change the password.First, I need to tell you a question, different wireless routers have different login addresses, not all routers, whose login addresses are So, I suggest that you first determine your own router, and whether its login address is router's login address can be viewed at the bottom of the router.

Log in to the ip address

First, please make sure that your computer has been connected to the router's LAN interface with a network line.If it has been connected correctly, enter it in the computer browser:, open the login interface > input router: administrator password (login password), log in to the router's setup interface.Possible problems:(1) input in the computer browser: after, the login interface of the router can not be opened. For users who have encountered this problem, please read the following articles to see the solution.can not connect to the wireless router(2) after opening the router login interface, the password of the router administrator (login password) is forgotten and can not be logged into the setting interface. Students who have encountered this problem, please read the following article to see the solution.forget router's username or password

Modifying the password of the router

In the settings page of the router, the WiFi's password can be modified, you should find the option of"wireless setting"or"WiFi settings".If you need to modify the administrator password of the router, you only need to set up the option to change the administrator password in the setup interface, then you can reset the router administrator password.Many people in the operation often encounter the problem of losing the router's IP. Someone forget the username and password of the administrator. The solution of these two problems, I in the previous article, has given the tutorial address, we enter the tutorial to see the solution.