WiFi Signal Enhancement Method for TP-LINK Router

If only one router is used for wireless network coverage, the coverage of a single wireless router is limited, and the signal may be very weak. This article will introduce the method of TP-LINK to enhance wireless WiFi signal, for your reference.In most home environments, only one router is used for wireless network coverage. The coverage of a single wireless router is limited, and the wireless signals in some areas may be weak or even can not be found.So how to enhance the wireless WiFi signal? This paper introduces a method to improve the coverage effect of a single wireless router.

Adjust the best placement

If the housing space is not open enough and there are barriers such as partitions and walls, it will cause the wireless signal to attenuate too much when penetrating, and the coverage will be greatly reduced. Some users put the router in the weak box, closet or embedded wall, the antenna can not be deployed, and the surrounding panel will shield the wireless signal, resulting in poor signal quality.It is suggested that the best place should be chosen. The following requirements can be consulted:
  1. Choose the central location of the building structure as far as possible, so that the terminal receives signals at all locations through the least wall.
  2. Avoid"hiding"routers, put them in a higher position, and make routers open around. If the location is too low, the wireless signal will encounter more obstacles such as furniture and electrical appliances in the transmission process, resulting in greater signal attenuation.

Adjusting Reasonable Antenna Angle

Omnidirectional antenna is commonly used in household routers. The distribution of the wireless signal of the omnidirectional antenna is similar to that of the flattened ellipsoid, and the coverage effect of the wireless signal is the best in the direction perpendicular to the antenna.It is suggested that the antenna of the wireless router be adjusted to be perpendicular to the ground, i.e. 90 degrees from the ground.Important: The built-in antennas of some terminals may have different angles, or the mobile terminals such as mobile phones and Pads may have different angles, which will cause differences in the reception of wireless signals. We can try to adjust the angle between some antennas of routers and the ground to 0 degrees (that is, to adjust to the level).

Increase signal intensity

Different routers have different ways to increase signal strength. Please refer to the following methods according to the actual situation:
  1. Some routers have a Turbo button. Pressing the Turbo button can enhance wireless coverage with one click.
  2. Log in to the Router Management Interface, click Application Settings > Signal Adjustment, and select Enhancement
Note: Some routers may not have signal strength adjustment options, so they can try to find settings in wireless settings.

Avoid environmental interference

Most household devices work in 2.4 GHz band, which will interfere with the 2.4 GHz wireless signal of router, resulting in signal attenuation and slow network speed. Wireless routers should be as far away from microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, wireless mouse keyboards and other devices as possible to reduce microwave interference in the same frequency band.If multiple routers in adjacent environments use the same channel, the wireless coverage effect will also be affected. It is suggested to modify the wireless channel. Log in to the router management interface, click Routing Settings > Wireless Settings, fix the wireless channel to 1, 6 or 11, click Save.

Replacement of high gain antenna

If the antenna of the wireless router is removable, the high gain antenna can be replaced as needed.Note: At present, only some antennas of Tp-link dual-band wireless routers can be removed and replaced, such as TL-WDR4310, TL-WDR3310, TL-WDR3300, etc.According to the above adjustment, the coverage effect is still not good. What should we do?If the housing area is too large or the double structure, a single wireless router will inevitably have coverage blind spots. The wireless expander can be used to relay and amplify signals to easily expand the wireless coverage!