TP-LINK TL-R483 Wan Port Settings

TP-LINK TL-R483 is an enterprise router. It has built-in AC function. It is not only a router but also a wireless controller. It can manage and control up to 10 TP-LINK enterprise AP in a unified way. It can easily expand the enterprise wireless network. Here comes the method of setting up TP-LINK TL-R483 port. I hope it will be helpful to you all.Transmission Rate: 10/100Mbps Port Structure: Non-modular WAN Interface: 1-4 LAN Interfaces: 1-4, supporting ISP data routing and intelligent load balancing; supporting IP and MAC binding, effectively preventing ARP attacks; supporting bandwidth control, flexible user bandwidth control; supporting connection number restriction, which can effectively limit P2P software.For routers in multiple wans, users can choose multiple ISP service providers. They can choose both Telecom and mobile access at the same time to provide bandwidth and realize multiple access backup. Next, share the setup steps in Dowan.


When you log in for the first time, you need to confirm that you have completed the following items:
  1. The router has been powered up normally and the LAN port has been connected with the computer through the network cable.
  2. The IP address of the host computer has been set to the same segment as the LAN port of the router, i.e. 192.168.1.X (any integer between X and 254), the subnet mask is, and the default gateway is the router management address You can also choose"Get IP Address Automatically"to automatically assign IP Address through Router DHCP.
  3. In order to better experience the display effect of the Web interface, it is suggested that the resolution of the display be adjusted to 1024 *768 or more pixels. Open IE browser and enter in the address bar to login to the Web management interface of the router.

Configure router

The first login interface of the router is shown in the following figure. When you first log in, you need to set up your own administrator account, enter the user name and password in turn, and then enter the password again to confirm. After the input is completed, click OK to enter the router configuration page with the set account password on the login page.The setup wizard interface will pop up after successful login. If there is no automatic pop-up, you can click the Quick Configuration button on the left side of the home page to enter. In this interface, choose the number of WAN ports, here to choose two WAN ports as an example.Click Next to set the WAN1 port. As shown in the figure, there are three common ways of network connection. Please choose the service provided by ISP network service provider.The general way is PPOE dial-up mode, but also static IP or dynamic access, the specific situation is provided by the service provider.If the Internet access mode is"PPPoE dial-up", that is, ADSL virtual dial-up mode, you need to fill in the following contents as shown in the figure, which is also the account password provided to you by the service provider.If the Internet access mode is"dynamic IP", the IP address can be automatically obtained from the network service provider without filling in any content.If the mode of Internet access is"static IP", i.e. the fixed IP address provided by the network service provider, the exact parameters of IP address, subnet mask, gateway and domain name service need to be filled in, otherwise the Internet can not be accessed.After setting the WAN1 port, click Next to enter the WAN2 port setting interface, as shown in the figure. If you need to set it up, the setup step is exactly the same as that of WAN1 port. If you don't need to set it up, you can click Next.The successful interface information of the previous step will be displayed. If you need to modify it, you can click <Last Step> to go back to the WAN port to set up the interface. If there is no modification, click <Next>, the router will automatically configure and restart, as shown in the figure. After the reboot is completed, it will jump to the login interface. If you need to do other operations on the router, you can login again.