TP-Link Archer C2600 router login review

Router login,The Archer C2600 uses 4-Stream technology to boost its Wi-Fi capability, allowing its 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to reach industry-leading max speeds of 800Mbps and 1733Mbps respectively. With 2.53Gbps combined Wi-Fi speed, the router gives your home unmatched wireless performance.How to manage the Archer C2600 Router?1. Set up the TCP/IP Protocol in Obtain an IP address automatically mode on your computer.2. Visit http://tplinkwifi.net, and log in with the username and password you set for the router. The default one is admin for both username and password. If you can not visit this website, you can try you forget the password please reset the router to factory default by pressing the reset button/hole on the router.Default router password listSome reviews: TP-Link products have never let me down and this one is no exception. Have had this for some time so this is NOT a new review (well over a year now) and it has been through a couple of firmware updates since I have owned. I have a high volume of devices connected to this router and all perform flawlessly and very stable.The concurrent use is not high but at any given moment I have a game console, 3 smartphones, Roku streaming my TV service, and a daughter streaming movies on a desktop computer without a hiccup. I will continue to stand by TP-Link. Well done folks.Archer C2600 disconnects frequently on 5g?How about your other phones, laptops? Are they also disconnecting? If only the windows 10 is disconnecting, you may need to check the driver of wireless adapter or other settings on windows 10.If all other devices are working well on 5G, you can try change the Channel and Channel Width of the 5GHz on the router. But your other devices are working well, then I think still some issue on the wireless adapter on your laptop.