http, and www.

Is it possible to enter in the website using “http″ , “” or “www.″. First you should know that “http″ , “” or “www.″ is not any website address.That is just address to connect with router which forms the hub of an area network and generally handles the web association additionally. Sadly although, it’s not yours or, goodbye the cable is connected kind the pc to the router, getting into that in your browser would take you there. So, you either are not wired up properly or it isn’t the proper address.If you want to use wireless to connect to the router, you are not connected properly and it’s in all possibility as a result of you haven’t got as way as fixing the router’s security key. Use the knowledge during this link to our Sticky Post on this issue to seek out the correct address then use the cable that came with the router to attach there to.