Belkin Router Login is the Belkin Router Login IP, it is also used by Edimax router, Dynex router or SMC router.The Belkin Corp (Belkin Corporation) is a leading global manufacturer of peripheral products, providing innovative connection technologies for users of computer, digital and mobile products. So do you know how to install Belkin routers? Here are some information about the installation of Belkin routers for your reference.

Belkin router installation methods:

Perform the following steps to install the F5D7230-4 type router. You need the following devices: Belkin routers and their own cables, a modem (provided by ISP), a computer.1. Connect modem with WAN port.2. Connect computer with Lan port.3. Open a web browser and enter in the address bar.4. Click"submit".5. Enter username and password. If you have forgotten them, click Default username and password list.