is the IP address of TP-Link TL-WR700N V1.0~2.0 router. Just like work in Router mode, you can achieve shared Internet access, broadband access to the Mini router, wired interface, LAN terminal access router, you can share broadband Internet access. This article guides the rapid deployment of Router mode using mobile phones.

How to log in IP address?

1. First connect the computer and TL-WR700N's"LAN/WAN"screen with the cable, and if the wireless is connected, you can use the cable instead. Plug into the outlet.2. Because the default IP for this router is, so if your network does not start with 192.168.1, you will normally change the IP manually. Right click on the"network neighborhood"and select"properties".3. Right click"local connections"or"wireless connections", and select"properties".4. Select the Internet protocol master (TCP/IP) and click the Properties button.5. Change the IP to the 192.168.1.x, such as, and finally click"OK".6. Then open the browser, enter in the address, press enter, enter the correct user name and password, and then click OK button.

What should you do if you forget your username or password?

1. Find it in Default username and password list.2. Reset the router by holding the reset button for 10 seconds.