Netgear wireless router's IP address is The Netgear company Netgear wireless router performance is superior, practical and aesthetically pleasing, in today’s demanding application and a home network, you will be able to find a coverage of the fits your needs products.These wireless products in quality, ease of use, reliability and security aspects have good performance in many of our received wireless products. This article will introduce the network parts company’s wireless router settings.

First step WGR614v6 access network

– the most common use of a home or small office network at present is the ADSL access, which is connected directly to the Internet with a computer dial-up network:– one of the four local area network ports to be connected to the WGR614v6– use another cable to connect the WGR614v6’s Internet port (the port on the router) to the ADSLMODEM.

Second step computer network property configuration

In the configuration of the router, the first to use the computer to manage the router’s network configuration, the following WindowsXPHomeEditionServicePack2 as an example to illustrate the computer configuration process:2.2. set the computer to “get IP address automatically” and “get the DNS server address automatically.””:

Third step log router

3.1. to ensure that the computer has been in accordance with the first step of the four LAN port by connecting to the router, the router.3.2. to open the computer’s InternetExplorer or NetscapeNavigator and other browsers, in the browser’s address bar, enter the address bar“Note” first set up the router must be in accordance with the above steps and later management of the router or change the configuration, only need to type in IE browser. At this time, the router will be required to provide a user name and password. Login router user name: admin, password: password, are lower case“Note” no matter what kind of access the your broadband, must first through the way to connect to the router, the corresponding set in the basic settings page, after the completion of the wireless transceiver can only, before using a wireless connection. Then the content will be introduced ADSL dial-up, fixed IP and dynamic IP three broadband access mode in the basic settings configuration.